15 MARCH 2023 - Deadline for Abstracts








September 13-15, 2023

EFFICIENT 2023 at Centre de Congrès Cité Mondiale, Bordeaux, France


” Efficient 2023 is the biennial conference of the IWA specialist group, the Efficient Urban Water Management “

Since 2001, this conference was successively organized in Madrid (Spain), Tenerife (Spain), Santiago (Chile), Jeju Island (Republic of Korea), Sydney (Australia), Dead Sea (Jordan), Paris (France), Cincinnati (USA), Bath (UK), and Manilla (Philippines).

In 2023, the conference will take place in Bordeaux (France), on September 13-15. It will gather urban water and wastewater professionals ready to share their expertise and to present solutions for the new challenges in urban water management.

Efficient 2023 is an event organized by IFTS.


Urban water professionals are facing unprecedented pressures. Customers demand ever-higher standards of water and sanitation services, regulators impose stricter directives, and shareholders seek better returns from massive infrastructure investments. On top of that, ecological pressures compel water managers to prioritize adaptability and sustainability. Faced with increasingly complex challenges, and growing threats like the 2020 covid-19 crisis, how can urban water and wastewater professionals continue to ensure efficiency ?

IFTS (Institute of Filtration and Separation Techniques) is the organizer of the conference. Since its creation in 1981, IFTS strongly developed its expertise in water, waste water treatment and reuse and is presently an actor in urban water management.