President of EFFICIENT 2023


Diane d’Arras, Past-President of IWA, France.

List of the members of the Scientific Committee


  • Chair : Stuart White, Chair of the IWA Specialist Group Efficient Urban Water Management (EUWM), University of Sydney, Australia.
  • Roger Ben Aïm, IFTS, IWA DF, France,
  • Jean-François Berthoumieu, Water and Climate Cluster, France.
  • Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, INSA Lyon, IWA F, France.
  • Bambos Charalambous, Hydroconsult, Chair Intermittent Water Supply IWA SG, IWA F, Cyprus.
  • Ricardo Cobacho, University of Valencia, Secretary of EUWM, Spain.
  • Francisco Cubillo, Aquarating, Past Chair of EUWM, IWA F, Spain.
  • Mary-Ann Dickinson, Dickinson Associates, Past Chair of EUWM, USA.
  • Alain Dupuy, ENSEGID University of Bordeaux, France.
  • Stuart Hamilton, Water Loss expert, IWA F, UK.
  • Roland Liemberger, Consultant, IWA F, Austria.
  • Bruno Nguyen, W-SMART, Chair Water Security & Safety Management IWA SG, IWA F, France.


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List of the members of the Organizing Committee


  • Co-Chair : Roger Ben Aïm, IFTS, IWA DF, France
  • Co-Chair : Vincent Edery, IFTS, Aquavalley, France.
  • Didier Brunet, VEOLIA, France.
  • Pascal Ginisty, IFTS, France.
  • Gérard Majewski, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, France.
  • Melodie Chambole, SUEZ, France.
  • Bruno Nguyen, W-SMART, IWA F, France.
  • Pierre-Alain Roche, ASTEE, France.
  • Bérengère Sixta, SUEZ, France.
  • Hervé Suty, CAPBURDI, TERGYS, France
  • Nicolas Gendreau, Bordeaux Métropole,  France.
  • A representative of SAUR, France.

  • A representative of Agence de l’eau Adour Garonne, France.


For all enquiries with the organizing committee :