2 technical visits are offered on the sidelines of the EFFICIENT 2023 congress, after the closing ceremony on Friday, September 15, 2023.

In line with the theme of the congress, these visits will allow you to discover 2 emblematic sites of the city of Bordeaux : that of the Louis Fargue wastewater treatment plant and that of the Clos de Hilde wastewater treatment plant.

The Louis Fargue wastewater treatment plant

The Louis Fargue wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater from the municipality of Le Bouscat, and part of the municipalities of Bordeaux, Mérignac, Eysines, Bruges, Talence and Pessac.

This plant was modernized and resized in 2012 to reach a processing capacity of 476,000 equivalent inhabitants.

It now houses the dynamic management system for sanitation networks, which consists of confining the water from short rains in collectors before sending it to the treatment plant for depollution.

The visit will include that of the control center of the RAMSES system (Regulation of Sanitation by Measurement and Supervision of Equipment and Stations).

The Clos de Hilde wastewater treatment plant

The Clos de Hilde wastewater treatment plant is designed to treat wastewater, depollution sludge as well as olfactory and noise pollution.

This aesthetic work completely integrated into its environment is the work of the architect Jean de Giacento. Inspired by the proximity of the Garonne and recalling the functionality of the whole, the architect created an aquatic atmosphere.

If it is worth the detour for its architectural characteristics, the Clos de Hilde wastewater treatment plant in Bègles is above all one of the flagship installations of the L’Eau Bordeaux Métropole sanitation system and one of the most efficient wastewater treatment plants in Europe.

The total capacity of the facility is approximately 410,000 equivalent inhabitants.

It treats wastewater from the municipalities of Gradignan, Villenave d’Ornon, Bègles, Talence, Floirac, Cenon and part of Bordeaux, Mérignac and Pessac.

It is designed to create its own energy using methanizers integrated into the wastewater treatment system.

To register to either one of those visits, please contact ; the number of visitors being limited, tickets will be granted by order of registration.

A bus will pick you up at 14:30 on the boulevard in front of the Cité Mondiale and leave you back at the same place after the visit at around 17:30.

Each visit will last around 01:30 and the oral technical information will be delivered in French and translated by an accompanying person on site.

No additional fee is required for the technical visits / Accompanying delegates are welcome.